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Gut Feelin ~ What is Gluten Intolerance?

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Gluten Free Foods

The following are gluten free to the best of my knowledge. Call the company directly to confirm.

Amy's frozen microwavable meals (make sure box says 'Gluten Free')
Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup
Dinty Moore Beef Stew

Campbell’s ~ received information directly from the Campbell’s Company ~ Oct 07

Chicken Broccoli Cheese chunky soup 18 oz.

Savory Lentil Select Soup 19 oz.

Prego Pasta Sauce ~ Traditional (all sizes), Three Cheese (26 oz), Mushroom (4lb 3 oz), Organic Sauces (all sizes

Swanson Broth ~ Lower Sodium Beef Broth (14 oz.)

RTS Beef Broth (14.5oz),

RTS Chicken Broth (14.5 & 49.5 oz),

Natural Goodness Chicken Brooth (all sizes),

Vegetable Broth (14 oz) Organic Broths (all sizes)

Swanson Canned Poultry ~ Premium Chunk chicken breast in water (all sizes),

Premium white & dark chunk chicken (all sizes),

Mixin’ chicken (5 oz.)

Tomoto Juice (all kinds)

V8 Vegetable Juices (all kinds)

V8 V-Fusion blends (all kinds)

V8 Splash Juice Blends (all kinds)

Diet V8 Splash Juice blends (all kinds)

V8 Splash Smoothis ~ Orange Crème (all sizes), Peach Mango (all sizes), Strawberry Banana (all sizes)

Pace Red Sauces (all sizes)

Enchilada sauces (all sizes)

Thick & Chunky Salsas (all sizes)

Thick & Chucky floavored salsas (chipotle, cilantro etc.) (all sizes)

Organic Picante (mild and Medium) (all sizes)

Act II popcorn (except extreme butter)
Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn; all varieties EXCEPT the caramel pour-over popcorn.
Crunch 'n Munch flavored popcorn
Quaker Oats Rice Cakes: White Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Caramel Corn, Plain salted, and Plain unsalted varieties
Wrigley's Gum - all varieties
All M&Ms are GF EXCEPT the "crispy" blue bag version

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